-June 19, 2024-
2 PM Chair Yoga
7 PM Pastor's Zoom Bible Study
-June 20, 2024-
10 AM Women's Zoom Bible Study
-June 23, 2024-
5th Sunday After Pentecost
11 AM Joint Service and Picnic at All Saints
(No Service at Good Shepherd)

Belief and Practice at Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd is a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS).

We believe, teach, and confess that there is one true triune God—the Father who created all things; his son Jesus who became human to save people from the punishment of sin; and in the Holy Spirit who works the miracle of faith through God's word and Sacrament (Baptism and Holy Communion).

We believe that all people are born sinful and are in need of redemption through Jesus. We believe that Jesus will forgive all who repent and believe that he is the son of God. We believe that Jesus' life, death, and ressurection has saved us from sin and eternal damnation.

As Lutherans, we hold to many of the teachings of Martin Luther, the great church reformer who taught that we are saved by Grace Alone (by God's free gift; we can't earn our salvation), through Faith Alone (with the help of the Holy Spirit, we cling to Jesus' promise of forgiveness).

We know and trust these teachings to be true through Scripture Alone (the Bible is the source of all Christian teaching).

For additional information about our beliefs, visit the LCMS web site.

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