-July 24, 2024-
2 PM Chair Yoga
No Bible Study (on summer hiatus)
-July 25, 2024-
No Women's Zoom Bible Study (on summer hiatus)
-July 28, 2024-
11th Sunday After Pentecost
11 AM Service
Holy Communion
Mite Box Collection

About Good Shepherd Evangelical
Lutheran Church

A Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Congregation

Members Good Shepherd are members of the body of Christ, and are devoted to responding to his love.

Good Shepherd members understand that " church" isn't a building. They believe that the church is made up of all those who believe in the saving power of Christ's death and resurrection. Good Shephered members are like a big, open-armed family just waiting to share Jesus' love.

If you wan't to know more about what we believe, teach, and confess, visit our page on Belief and Practice.

If you haven't been to Good Shephered yet, make sure not to miss our New Visitor's Guide.

You can view worship times here and directions here.

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